1,000,000,000 xXx on ERC-20


Who are we?

‘ETF-Formed Staking Products’ is a decentralized protocol that allows users to track in real-time an index of various valuable staking products on various DApps across the world. Users can also check the portfolios of Black Whale, a fund managed with xXx tokens. The ETF-Formed protocol ensures that there is always enough collateral to cover the product portfolios by decentralizing the minting of products and allowing users to open positions and deposit collateral. In addition, ETF-Formed tokens disclose the real assets of the tokens to support traders in owning or trading these assets.

1STDefi Protocol/ETFDerivatives


We are the world's first Defi protocol based on crypto ETF derivatives.

ETF Derivatives

Users are able to mint ETF tokens that will be designed to track the index of various and valuable coins from multiple exchanges around the world in real-time.

Referral Allowance

The user referred participates in a)staking, liquidity pool or b) active income Program, a)2 - b)3% of participants’ APR will be rewarded to the referral user


Users can earn APY(APR) through various staking programs


Users are able to vote on protocol topics such as synthetic asset listings, fee revenue splits, collateral ratio, PAO, various ETF portfolios and other xXx improvement proposals

Liquidity Provision

Users can receive incentives and rewards by providing liquidity

Synthetic Assets

Users can create synthetic assets to receive LP and use them to receive rewards


Existed or new projects can collaborate with xXx through governance voting

Collateral Minting

Users are able to use xXx and USDT as collateral to mint ETF derivative products

Active Income

Users can get active APY(APR) through active income


CategoryRewards (Mining & Staking)EcosystemPublic SalePrivate Sale Round APrivate Sale Round BExchange LiquidityTeamAdvisorReserve

Locked 2 weeks

Vesting 5 years

Unlocked 5% 2 weeks after TGE

Vesting 48 months

100% at TGE

5% at TGE, locked 2 months

Vesting linear for 24 months

20% at TGE, locked 2 months

Vesting linear for 24 months

Unlock 5% at TGE

Vesting 12 months

Locked 12 months

Vesting 36 months

Locked 2 months

Vesting 36 months

Locked 6 months

Vesting 48 months

Road Map


Beginning of Black Whale project epoch-making

Billboard marketing plan

Development of xXx DApp on Binance BSC

xXx and ETF derivatives ecosystem


Black Whale development 2.0

Round “A & B” Private Sale

Public Offering

BLK Token Audit

Epoch-making marketing

DEX Listing BLK token


Project endorsement engine deployment

Firm Biz ‘Black Whale’

CEX listing (MEXC, XT)

Launch Black Whale DAO “Thousand Islands”

Listing Island NFT on Top Tier


PAO launchpad development

Integrate DAO & Island NFT

Launch DAO Pool (Staking & Rewards)

Real-Asset partnership and development


List ‘xXx’ on Top Tier ‘Lbank’


New Ticker ‘xXx’ list on TOP CEXs (‘B’)

ETF formed derivatives Launch V1

Launch Dapp (Liquidity & Staking)

Island Token IDO

Island Token CEX listing (Global & Korea)

GameFi Partnerships


xXx TOP Tier CEX listing (T10)

GameFi Expansion

Listing on Future Market xXx & Island

‘Island’ Metaverse Development


Firm Venture Capital

Launch Metaverse V1

ETF form derivatives Launch V5

Metaverse Integration with Corp.


Launch Metaverse V2

Metaverse Expansion


Stock Market Listing

Our partners

Team Member

Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds

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  • Black Whale CEO


    Cointime TR Partner with Jinse.com

    Euro SK CEO

    Entered the blockchain industry in 2015 and is good at product design and blockchain business operations

    Many years of Internet entrepreneurship experience and is a compound serial entrepreneur